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At the Institute of Agriculture of ATK a scientific memorial meeting was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Phytotron in Martonvásár.

The Institute of Agriculture of the ELKH Research Centre for Agricultural Sciences (ATK) celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Phytotron.

As part of the Celebration of Hungarian Sciences, at an event held in Martonvásár on 24 November, the head of the institute and its researchers presented the role of Phytotron in plant research, ongoing basic and applied research, as well as their outstanding results. So far, more than 5100 experiments have been carried out in the plant growth chambers, about which 2700 scientific publications and 1400 educational articles have been published. Using the results of the experiments carried out here, 72 PhD theses were completed and 15 Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences were awarded.

  • Redox regulation of wheat development and its stress response;
  • The role of polyamines in plant stress tolerance;
  • Current issues of temperature acclimation;
  • Alien gene transfer programmes supported by structural genomics research in the service of wheat breeding;
  • The role of Phytotron in creating and maintaining crop safety of cereals.

The experiments carried out in the past 50 years have significantly contributed to the theoretical and practical research results of the Institute of Agriculture of ATK, however, the utilization of the Phytotron has been completed by experiments carried out for Hungarian and foreign universities, research institutes and companies.

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