Hettyey Attila




Department of Evolutionary Ecology


MSc in biology: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (ELTE), 2000; MSc in German-Hungarian Technical Translation: ELTE, 2000; PhD in Animal Ecology: ELTE, 2005

Experience abroad:

pre- and post-doctoral fellowships and positions at Univ. of Zurich (CH); Univ. of Western Australia (AU); Uppsala Univ. (SE); Konrad Lorenz Inst. of Ethology (AT)

Fields of study:

Behavioural ecology, Conservation biology, Disease ecology, Ecotoxicology

Selected publications:

Hettyey, A., Üveges, B., Móricz, Á.M., et al. (2019): Predator‐induced changes in the chemical defence of a vertebrate. Journal of Animal Ecology, 88: 1925–­1935.

Hettyey, A., Thonhauser, K.E., Bókony, V., et al. (2016): Naive tadpoles do not recognize recent invasive predatory fishes as dangerous. Ecology, 97: 2975–­2985.

Hettyey, A., Tóth, Z., Thonhauser, K.E., et al. (2015): The relative importance of prey‑borne and predator‑borne chemical cues for inducible antipredator responses in tadpoles. Oecologia, 179: 699–710.

Hettyey, A., Baksay, S., Vági, B., Hoi, H. (2009): Counterstrategies by female frogs to sexual coercion by heterospecifics. Animal Behaviour, 78: 1365–1372.

Hettyey, A., Roberts, J.D. (2007): Sperm traits in the frog Crinia georgiana, a species with plastic alternative mating tactics. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 61: 1303–1310.

Hettyey, A., Pearman, P.B. (2003): Social environment and reproductive interference affect reproductive success in the frog Rana latastei. Behavioral Ecology, 14: 294–300.

In total: 80 papers, cumul. JIF (JCR): 239; independent cit.-s (WoS): 1186; h-index (WoS): 24

3rd party funding received:

Supervision of students:

Total of 1.34 mio € from agencies in AT, AU, CH, DE, EU, HU, SE

2 BSc, 17 MSc students and 7 PhD students

Editorial work and reviewing:

BMC Ecology and Evolution: 2021- Editorial board member

Animal Taxonomy and Ecology (formerly Acta Zool. Acad. Sci. Hung.): 2023- Co-Editor-in-Chief (Ecology)

Reviewed 130+ manuscripts for 68 scientific journals, one MSc thesis, four PhD-theses, 40+ fellowship applications (EU MSCA, MTA Bolyai, MTA Premium Postdoc), 6 grant proposals (NKFIH OTKA, MTA Lendület)

Public relations:

9 papers in popular scientific journals, 2 book chapters, 6 press releases