Department of Plant Physiology and Metabolomics

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Department of Plant Physiology and Metabolomics


The main research profile of the Department of Plant Physiology and Metabolomics involves the study of the major stress factors to which plants are exposed, the defence processes that provide protection from these, and the elaboration of possible methods for their use in protecting cereals.

It is rare in Hungary to experience a year when the extreme continental climate causes no harmful environmental factors likely to have severe economic consequences. Predictions based on studies of the effects of global climate change suggest that the frequency of extreme weather events is likely to increase in this region in the future. It is in the interests of both plant breeders and growers to work with plants that tolerate environmental changes with as little damage as possible. If such plants are to be developed it is essential to obtain knowledge on the defence and regulation processes of plants. Much of the research underway in the Departmen of Plant Physiology and Metabolomics is aimed primarily at investigating the effects of abiotic stress factors (low and high temperature, drought, toxic metals, salt stress, excessive UV-B radiation, etc.) and the defence processes that provide protection against these, with special regard to antioxidant systems and the clarification of their role in the signal transduction processes of defensive compounds. Although the profile of the department is mainly concerned with basic research, work is also underway to elaborate practical ways of using the natural compounds involved in defence processes (e.g. salicylic acid, polyamines) or their derivatives to enhance the stress tolerance of plants and thus yield levels.


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Sec. Crop and Product Physiology;;

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