Department of Molecular Breeding

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Department of Molecular Breeding


The department investigates the genetic and physiological background of plant development and of resistance to various abiotic and biotic stressors in order to improve the adaptability of cereal species and to make the results available to breeders.

In the light of climate change it is of outstanding importance to carry out detailed studies on the genetic and physiological components responsible for the environmental adaptability of cereals and their tolerance of abiotic (heat and drought) and biotic (fungal diseases) stress, and to examine the genetic diversity of landraces and various cultivar collections in order to identify useful alleles. For this purpose a wide range of experiments are in progress under varying environmental conditions. Field trials are complemented by experiments in the greenhouse and in controlled climate chambers, where the effects of individual environmental factors can be studied separately and where stress can be applied in different stages of plant development. Phenomic analysis is performed on a wide range of genetic materials, on two-parent mapping populations and on GWA panels formed from cultivar collections in order to analyse the dynamics of growth and development, physiological parameters (photosynthesis, antioxidant enzyme systems) and yield components. Among the methods available to molecular genetics, routine use is made of QTL analysis for multiple traits in multiple environments, association analysis covering the whole genome and marker-assisted selection, together with the genomic technique of gene expression analysis.


Selected publications: 

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